Big Tech companies have too much power.

The executives at Apple, Amazon, and Google have decided what news you see, what websites you can visit, and what businesses should exist.

Three tech giants removed the social media website Parler from the internet within 48 hours of each other. Coincidence? At the time, Parler was the number one app on Apple’s App store. If they can erase Parler, they can erase any online communication company.

Like Ronald Reagan, we believe that democracy is fragile. That the fight for our freedom must be won every day.  If you want to rein in censorship from the three Big Tech companies please make a tax-deductible contribution to Challenge Censorship. Help us rein in Big Tech.

Please sign our petition now: these companies need to know there are consequences to silencing Americans.

Sign our petition to let Congress know that you want elected officials to call the shots, NOT corporate monopolies.

Demand that Congress provide oversight on Apple, Google, and Amazon censorship.