Three massive companies were able to blow a small up-start off the face of the internet.

Apple, Google, and Amazon — seemingly in concert — stripped the social media company Parler off the internet. Google and Apple removed Parler’s app from the two app stores that 99 percent of the country uses while Amazon ripped Parler from its AWS Cloud, leaving Parler unreachable.

Three corporations should not be able to eviscerate one company, especially a company that had just climbed to number one on the App Store hours before it was blown away. If the executives at Apple, Google, and Amazon can do this to Parler, they can do it to any company that relies on the internet to thrive.

Congress must provide oversight on these tech giants. It is un-American for unelected executives at three companies to decide which social media platforms Americans can access. Apple, Google, and Amazon should not be able to squash social media competition, just as it begins to take off.

Sign our petition to let Congress know that you want elected officials to call the shots, not corporate monopolies. Demand that congress provide oversight on Apple, Google, and Amazon to preserve a level playing field for all online businesses.